Toolbar Contest Winners Announced & Ranking System News!

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Back on October 27th, we announced the release of our new Voice123 Toolbar. In the blog post, we mentioned two special offers for voice talent, as well as, the voice seekers posting voice over jobs:

   Voice Seekers: GET UP TO $100 FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT!

This week, Voice123 would like to announce the winners of the Premium Subscription raffle. These members of the voice over community were chosen at random in a lottery-style format among those eligible:

Congratulations to the following winners of a Voice123 Premium Subscription!

(Winners of the Voice Seeker raffle will be announced to the voice seekers in a separate message!)

Voice123 wants to thank all those who downloaded the Voice123 Toolbar, and hope you continue to enjoy it in the future! If you would like to download the toolbar, you can do so here (Toolbar for voice talents).

One last note, you may notice a change in the ranking system. It was put into place this week based on ideas from Voice123 voice talent.

The phrasing ‘Likely Hiring’ has been switched to ‘Finalist’. The idea was originally proposed in this forum post by Voice123 talent, Mark Weitzman.

The best thing about a ranking system is that it gives buyers the ability to find voice talent they enjoyed working with, as well as, those they enjoyed hearing and could not hire; each time they use Voice123. Although ‘likely hiring’ worked at first, at some point in recent months, it didn’t anymore and we noticed the trend had changed. Change was in order, and it always will be when it comes to working online.

We know the most professional voice talent in the world are on Voice123. The technology created looks to serve this voice over community by creating positive, professional business relationships, and will do its best to always look out for the needs of the online voice over community.

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Juan Salcedo
General Manager
Voice123 Premium Forums
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