Voice123’s ‘Voice Over Trials for Kids Program’

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Are you a Premium Subscriber on Voice123 with a child looking to go into the voice over field? If so, please read on!

Voice123 is now offering a free trial program for those children of Voice123 Premium Subscribing Parents, who wish to involve their sons and/or daughters in auditioning online with Voice123.

How it works:

  • A Voice123 premium subscribing parent/talent will create a new profile, and upload demo samples for their son or daughter.
  • The parent will email help@voice123.com with the link to the child’s profile.
  • The Voice123 staff will verify that the parent is a paid Premium Subscriber on Voice123 and will give the child a two month trial.
  • After the two month trial, the parent will be offered two additional months for free for the child’s account, if they upgrade their accounts to continue being a Premium Subscriber at the end of the trial.
  • This is a total of 16 months as a premium subscriber. (2 month trial, 1 year paid, 2 months free)!

    Voice123 hopes you can take advantage of this offer, if your child is looking to become part of the next generation of the voice over industry!

    Rules and Regulations:

    • A ‘child’ is referred to as a ‘minor under the age of 18 at the start of the two month trial promotion.’ There are no retroactive promotions available.
    • The account must be created under the child’s name.
    • A parent may not share an account with a child.
    • The parent is responsible for monitoring all emails through the Voice123 system, and assumes all risks that come with having an online profile. Voice123 is not responsible for online interactions with clients online.
    • Voice123 reserves the right to remove profiles if the integrity of a promotional effort, or Voice123, is compromised.
    • If at any point, a parent wishes to back out of the trial, please email help@voice123.com, to request the profile be removed.

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