Social Media: The Need for ‘Give & Take’

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Social media has truly exploded on the web as a great way for voice over talent to find out about voice over jobs, the activity of other voice talent, and also a way to promote oneself. In the process, as the Internet has truly turned business into the ‘Age of the Customer’, there is a required ‘give and take’ for everything done in social media.

A very long time ago, a talent agent said to me, ‘Steven, are you aware that you talk too much?’. When I asked, ‘What do you mean?’, he stated, ‘You need to tell me what I get from talking to you, and you need to know on your own what you take from it. I will show you that respect in return.’ Indeed, tough words to hear while trying to impress an agent as a young voice talent, but he had a point.

Years later, enter the ‘Social Media Age’, where talking/typing about yourself and what you do is a necessity, the ‘give & take’ is still required in building relationships through social media.

Take an example from Voice123 this summer. During the summer months I had the opportunity to forge three great relationships through Twitter, with two very popular talent communities, and a great customer service company. I am referring to Voice Over Universe, and Parature.

How did this start? (Well, it started by being…social!)

  • Voice Over Universe (@ZurekVO): Reached out to me on twitter with some questions about posting a job on Voice123, so Zurek and myself set it up in such a way that he was the voice seeker, and those auditioning would also be introduced to his site in the process. Zurek wrote to me and gave me an opportunity to help voice talent, while he was offering a job for people that signed up with his website. I also created a profile on VO Universe and have popped in for some of his webcam events to see some familiar faces. He also shared with me some feedback as to how voice talent viewed the Voice123 website, which helps us with new ideas for Voice123.
  • Parature (@Parature): This customer service company, invited me to a webinar, and I attended. I began following their great customer service blog, and told them I enjoyed it and learned from it. One day, they asked if anyone was looking to write about customer service, and I applied to do so, which they accepted.

At the very heart of the ‘give and take’ mentioned above, lies one specific common thread: Each company, voice talent, and job poster is creating a dialogue within their community of followers, with the possibility of creating contacts and networking. At the same time, it is being done in a friendly, positive environment so people can simply ‘talk about what they do, and offer to help others with their knowledge, knowing that in the bigger picture of one’s career, one day it will lead to either notoriety or financial benefit for all people involved in the community.’

In the time that Voice123 has been using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogs, great information has been exchanged between positive online communities, that for many, has even led to jobs offline, just by talking.

It all starts with talking about what you do, being creative, and knowing what you offer…and in that respect… maybe talking too much is not such a bad idea? Knowing this article is one big ‘give and take’ is quite alright because I understand that many will be helped by the people I have mentioned. The ‘give and take’ may mean you will find yourself copied many times, but in the bigger picture, that is a sure sign you are doing something great for everyone, and you will be rewarded for it at some point in your career!

Keep talking!

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