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Last week, while reading Twitter posts regarding @Voice123dotcom, I came across a tweet by @Ladiemost, a voice over talent on Voice123. She had announced that she had won a national gig via Voice123. I had reached out to her to see, if she would share the story with us, as to how it took place, and she generously wrote me this reply:

“Last week, after many auditions, I finally was contacted directly by a voice seeker to re-audition for their project (LTK152025401668X “Find Your Voice”). After quickly turning around my second audition with short notice, they said it was good, but they felt I would really nail it with a little direction. Within 30 minutes, I was on a phone patch session with the creative director, he said there was one other person that their client was listening to, but they thought I was the voice for the job. So, he wanted to push me to the front of the line. Everything moved pretty quickly. He was pleased with my reads. The next afternoon I received an email congratulating me for booking the gig! I was just thrilled! Within one hour from that email we had another phone patch session to finalize the voice over for the National TV Spot!

Voice123 has been a great investment for my voice over career. It has helped me to do more than book jobs. It has helped me to improve as a voice actor and discover my range. For me, being a Premium Subscriber on Voice123 is worth every dollar and every bit of effort I’ve used to audition, audition, audition!!! I have spoken to many people who aspire to be voice actors, and those who’ve been in the voice over industry for some time, about my experiences with Voice123 and I’ve highly recommended you guys. (I have) gone from 0 to 80 mph, within a matter of a couple of years worth of subscriptions. The voice over Industry has attracted so many more people who just need a good place to start getting “real” opportunities to compete for work on a daily/regular basis. This site is a great resource that really works. In life its all about what you put into something, that determines what you’ll get out of it.

Thank you so much for inquiring about my success with Voice123.

PS – LadieMo$t is the name I go by in the voice over industry!”

Voice123 thanks LadieMo$t for responding to us. In the coming weeks, we look to bring you success stories from Voice123 that will explain more about the ‘before and after’ of getting work. We certainly hope you keep an eye out, or let us know if you have any stories of success you wish to share!

Thank you!

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