Voice Over Talent Agent or Voice123? Why Not Both?

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In Voice123, we receive questions through our customer service department frequently wondering, if having an agent for voice over work is better than having a profile on Voice123.

The best thing we can recommend… Why not try both?

To start, Voice123 is not an agency. Most importantly, working on Voice123 is not exclusive, and Voice123 takes no commission. This means it is all about you as a voice over business!

Voice123 offers informational emails about working online, and also offers help to both voice talent and voice seekers to maintain a sense of community filled with professionals that believe in integrity. Voice123 is also a great marketing tool, we invest heavily in Internet marketing, so it is easier to be found when you belong to Voice123.

So, when it comes down to ‘Which one?’, think of it this way:

  • On days when the email invites from Voice123 do not look attractive, you always have the opportunity to get a phone call from an agent regarding voice over work.
  • If the agent isn’t calling, you have Voice123.

There are more voice over jobs available online, from your smallest shopping center’s phone message to your big budget motion picture. To ‘limit’ oneself is to openly decide not to work. Take a look at the profile of Skid Trax. He recently wrote me about his latest work:

“I’ve been very busy, in part, due to some of recurring clients I’ve picked up from V123, plus my other retainer and agency clients. I’ve also just completed my promo/show open voice over work for season 3 of “Destination Truth” on The Syfy channel, airing this September after “Ghost Hunters”. I did season two after auditioning last year for the gig. Take a look at it here. I’m also still doing the animated fish character as it is an ongoing series from Ryno Productions, not to mention the dozens and dozens of other syndicated cable and radio spots I’ve been doing for them. Voice123 has truly paid off!

Just think…if he had chosen only one, he would not have been as busy as he is now!

If you would like to share your success stories with Voice123, please write us! We would love to hear about it!

Thank you!

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