5 Reasons Why Hiring Voice123 Talent is the Smart Choice

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1. Speed – Voice123 is still the first and fastest online casting site for voice talent. Our SmartCast technology cuts down the amount of time it takes to find voice talent. On some of our most well-paying jobs, voice talent auditions were received in less than 60 minutes, after the job was posted. In the day and age of ‘Time is money.’, Voice123 simply makes the most sense.

2. Easy to use – Voice123 understands that too much ‘flash and dash’ can actually make a website more confusing to use. Our website is easy to use, so posting jobs and finding talent is simple and easy.

3. Technology – The audition inbox at Voice123, by which you would receive auditions, has tools such as:

  • Sharing a link to your audition inbox for other clients to use.
  • A ranking system to manage who you are considering for the job.
  • A preferred talent feature to save your favorite voice talent to work with.
  • A similar talent feature to find talents similar to the voice you are interested in.

4. Customer Service – Voice123 offers the most ‘humanized’ customer service on the web, today. With a management staff trained by some of the best companies in the world, such as Disney, our staff removes the wall of anonymity, and offers personal service from real people with the understanding that your time is important.

5. Top Quality Voice Talent – The voice talent on Voice123 carry decades of experience, many whom can work right from home, and give you quality product in as little as a day. The diversity of quality voice talent on Voice123, also means you will find a voice you need in almost any language on our site.

We certainly hope you will be able to post voice over work soon at Voice123!

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