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Voice123 announces its ‘Tuesday Twitter Contest’! We are doing this in an effort to reward the loyal followers of Voice123 in Twitter, @Voice123dotcom, and assist the talent from Voice123 with professional production capability, but cannot subscribe to audition during these tougher economic times, or would like to get more time added to their subscription!

Here’s how this works!

The 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month:

  • We will announce the language/gender category for the week, for talent under the chosen category, to fully produce a very small script of one sentence from the Link Exchange section of Voice123 (See the sentences used in Step 1).
  • During the contest weeks, submission entries will be collected via a project posted on Voice123.com. The verification code to submit will be available via @Voice123dotcom ONLY. You can create a profile, and submit using the verification code, whether you are a premium or standard subscriber.
  • Submissions for the week will be accepted until 12pm USA ET the following Monday, the day before the winner is announced, and the new category is chosen.

The 4th Tuesday of each month:

  • Voice123 will announce the winners and honorable mentions throughout the day, and promote the Voice123 talent who entered.
  • Winners will be rewarded with a 90-day Premium Subscription trial to Voice123!

Rules and stuff:

  • Talent must have a complete Voice123 profile to enter.
  • This contest is open to ALL voice talent on Voice123.
  • The talent must be a follower of @Voice123dotcom Twitter account to get the info.
  • Talent must submit via the project using the verification code.
  • The submission must be the requested category for that week to be considered.
  • The categories for each week will be chosen at random.

Look out for this next Tuesday on @Voice123dotcom, and good luck!

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