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We are very happy to announce that Voice123 talent, September Day Leach, booked a great job through Voice123, doing promotional materials for the movie, ‘Terminator: Salvation’, which premiered last Thursday! We thank her for letting us know about this great job, and she agreed to answer some questions about how this came to be.

Q. First, tell us about the job!
A. I was hired for promotional work for the film. I’m on www.skynetresearch.com, and all the cool viral stuff they did including infomercials for the SciFi Channel! It was just really, really cool!

Q. What exact project did you find this work through?
A. This one: http://voice123.com/lv/Corporate_Site_2.html

Q. When did you realize exactly how big the job was going to be?
A. When the production company told me who the real client was, I think I giggled like a schoolgirl for a good half hour! I was thrilled that my sexy, monotone voice was chosen as the most iconic antagonist, Skynet!

Q. How many auditions did you go through to get the job?
A. Just the one SmartCast audition. It was weird because the client hid the real name of the company in the script. I actually thought it was a security firm of some sort.

Q. They hid their name, so how did you know who it was, and what is the process of signing an NDA? Did you negotiate anything ahead of time?
A. I got a phone call while I was in a cab on my way to the NYC voice over mixer that Erik Sheppard, and I held in early December 2008. The production house e-mailed me a copy of the NDA the day before I got the phone call. The name of “Warner Brothers” was on it, so I had an inkling it was going to be a big deal! All it said was that once I found out who the client was, I would not tell anyone in detail about the scripts I would be recording. I had signed it and faxed it back the day before I left for the New York City VO Mixer, and didn’t think I would hear back until Monday. They called me on Friday while I was in my cab from La Guardia, going to meet Erik at the NYC (34th St.) Macy’s to see Santa. I was all calm and cool on the phone, but freaked my cabbie out a bit when I started doing the victory dance (which looks an awful lot like the “Snoopy dance”) in his back seat! When we finally got to sit on Santa’s lap (and we have picture proof of Erik sitting on Santa’s knee!) I told him that I had already gotten my Christmas present! šŸ™‚ I knew the general price range for the initial recording, but I did negotiate prices as we recorded more scripts. The people with the production house were very nice and professional. All of the sessions were recorded via phone patch from my home studio.

Q. How about other jobs you have booked on Voice123?
A. Voice123 allows me to book the bread and butter jobs that makes it possible for me to be a full-time VO, while at the same time granting me access to career-changing jobs for clients like MTV, Subaru, IKEA, and now, Warner Brothers! The return on investment is incredible! No matter how successful I am able to be in this industry, Voice123 will always be in my marketing arsenal.

Voice123 thanks September Day Leach for sharing her success story with us, and we wish her all the best in future auditions! Nothing makes us happier than to hear people are working in a voice over career they love!

We thank you for reading!

If you have a voice over casting success story of your own you would like to share with us for the future, please let us know by writing us, or in our Voice123 Premium Forums!

Thank you always!
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