Difference Between SmartCast & SmartCast Disabled

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In the Voice123 system for posting a job, there are two kinds:

  • SmartCast
  • SmartCast Disabled

However, there is a big difference between the two.

SmartCast is a system that automatically matches what you are requesting to the profiles that best fit what you require. It requires little time to use, and you normally begin receiving auditions within the hour. Invitations to audition for your project will be sent to hundreds of professional talents, who match your needs.

Then, we have SmartCast Disabled. This form is different. It requires that you, not only fill out a form, but that you also MANUALLY invite voice talents, either through our search feature, or from people you have worked with before on Voice123. It involves the use of our private messaging system. In turn, you will be doing the casting yourself, by who you find.

If you ever have any questions about how to post a project, please contact one of our account executives, or myself, for assistance. Post a project, and see for yourself!

Thank you for using Voice123!
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