New Online Course at UCLA: “How to Become a Successful Voice Over Artist”

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Johnna Gottlieb is teaching a new online course this spring for UCLA, “How to Become a Successful Voice Over Artist”. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the business of voice overs, all you need is a computer! Enrollment is now open and there is still space available. The first class is Tuesday, April 9th. Here is a description of the class:

“Talent and technique are just starting points in the voice over business. In this course, participants learn the essentials for developing a career and succeeding in this exciting and lucrative field. Topics include developing a marketing strategy, the different categories of voice overs and their rates of pay, standards for a competitive voice over reel, signing with the right agency, and understanding contracts. Instruction also covers the future of Internet casting, unions that govern voice over work and how to become a member, union vs. non-union work, the use of celebrities and the impact they have on the industry, and the basics of creating your own home studio. Guests will include top voice over talent, agents, casting directors, and producers.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact Johnna at with questions! Ms. Gottlieb writes, “I am really excited about this class. I have been teaching “live” at NYU for four years, but teaching online gives people the flexibility to learn within their own schedule. Plus, people all over the world can enroll. I actually have someone who signed up who lives in Paris!”

Johnna Gottlieb is the President of Johnna Gottlieb Consulting, a firm that consults voice over talent and talent agencies. She has also coached several talents now using!

As a former agent, Ms Gottlieb has represented top voice over talent, such as James Earl Jones, Jason Alexander, Stockard Channing, Philip Bosco and Blythe Danner, and has provided talent to top broadcasting companies including ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, The Discovery Channel, HBO, TNT and Fox. She is also a judge for the Daytime Emmy’s “Outstanding Performer in Animation” Category.

Voice123 thanks Johnna Gottlieb for contacting us! In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you information about great classes offered by friends, affiliates, and coaches of Voice123!

Thank you!
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