Voice123 News: Demo Tagging Update

Posted on March 12, 2009 by


In recent weeks, Voice123 has received a few inquiries about the ‘demo tagging’ experiment, started last June 2008. We would like to share with you some updates:

  • The demo tagging experiment is still going. We have the actual data from the demo tags, and we thank those who have been participating. If you have not done so, tagging demos is still possible. You can read how that works in a previous posting.
  • This actual data will be used in the upcoming brand new search feature, which we are planning to release very soon. At that time, you will have the option to remove tags you dislike.
  • Also, by tagging other talents’ demos, you are eligible to win one of five free one-year Premium Subscriptions! We will officially announce the winners in April.

On a different topic, a couple of weeks ago Voice123 posted a forum thread about War Stories from one’s first year in the business. Please take a look and add your own! We hope you enjoy, and maybe post some other topics of your own.

Thank you always!

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