Tips! Using the Voice123 Ranking System

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After you post a project on Voice123, and check your audition inbox, a screen comes up (below) in front of you mentioning a ‘ranking system’. Next to each audition, you see the following choices:

  • Finalist
  • Considering
  • Maybe
  • Not likely
  • Won’t be considered

Here is an example of how I see it can be most effectively used:

4 Stars, Finalist: Only for your talents in final consideration for your project.

3 Stars, Considering: Use this one to indicate those who you are seriously considering to be hired. Now, if you do not use them, there is no need to change to a lower ranking.

2 Stars, Maybe: This one can be used when there is something you like about the audition, and want to still consider it, but it was not exactly what you were thinking of at the time.

1 Star, Not Likely: If the audition is completely off the mark from what was requested.

0 Stars, Never again: Unfortunately, this happens. This is a good to use when there are submissions that offer no consideration whatsoever, due to the recording quality, and copy reading. If you enjoyed the copy reading and recording quality, but the client said, ‘No thanks.’, but you felt you want to hold onto the voice, do not use this ranking, or if you mistakenly use it, you can change it.

Your input is important to everyone!

Important note: The rankings can be changed at anytime, so if you hire someone for a project using SmartCast, and you have not ranked them yet, it is helpful for the Voice123 talent community to use ‘Finalist’. Ultimately it helps you build relationships with voice talent, each time you use the system.

Try this out for yourself!

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