Susan G. Komen ‘Race For The Cure 2009’

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This information has been generously provided by Voice123 Talent, and American Women in Radio & TV Team Member , Rita Pardue, regarding a very serious topic that has affected almost everyone.

Voice123 is proud to assist in anyway possible, especially myself, the son of a breast cancer survivor.

“My mom is a survivor in the truest sense. Recently the Midwest was hard hit by the worst ice storm in many years. It wiped out power grids in portions of Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The Arkansas governor declared a state of emergency. My mom lives in a small town called Bull Shoals, Arkansas. She and her neighbors were without power for at least 10 days. My mom was taken by neighbors to a local shelter. During her stay at the shelter, there was a flu epidemic and the facility was quarantined. As Mom stood up to reach for her medication, she fell and hit her head. Quick-thinking shelter mates, called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Recovering from her fall and dehydration, my two able brothers set out in their cars from Florida and California respectively. The hurricane-experienced brother from Florida came packing emergency supplies and food. The California brother brought backbone and moral support. My role—my hurricane-experienced brother stated that in an emergency, a person should only enter a disaster area in a self-sufficient manner, not a liability. I stayed behind wanting to help in some way.

As a media person, my way to help is by telling the story. I am grateful to my brothers for rallying to meet the need of helping our mother. I am grateful to the shelter volunteers, hospital staff and hard-working power crews who restored electricity to the area. Mom is back home and re-thinking her future plans to continue living in a beautiful, but isolated area.

In her honor, I am running in the up-coming Susan G. Komen ‘Race for the Cure 2009’, on March 15th, 2009. Please join in my support to honor, my mom, a breast cancer survivor who continues to survive no matter what life tosses her way.”

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