New Voice123 Customer Service Hours!

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Voice123 is happy to announce that beginning March 2, 2009, we will be extending the live chat and customer service shift two more hours for voice over talents, to assist those affected by a delay in response due to their timezone. Our new hours of customer service for talents will now be from 9am to 8pm EST, Monday to Friday. We sincerely look forward to being here to serve you.

Now, comes the experiment to get more jobs posted on Voice123…

For the month of March, I will be working in the voice seekers department for approving projects and auditions, from the hours of 12am to 9am, Monday to Friday. We simply want and need more jobs posted globally on Voice123, and we know in the past many possible clients have dealt with a timezone delay, which led us to not being able to approve projects as quickly as needed.

I do wish to state that we are doing this for the month of March 2009, for now. However, if this proves to be successful on an international level, we will do our best to increase the hours, so that there will always be work available on Voice123, no matter where you are or what timezone you live in.

I personally invite anyone in Australia, Europe, and Asia, to begin posting jobs for voice talents during the month of March. We will be there for you, and we hope you will enjoy using Voice123. This is all a step in the right direction towards providing the best service to everyone on Voice123.

Thank you always!

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