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Last week, I posted a project on Voice123 to find voices for a new search feature that we currently have in development. The project received a great response! I tell you this because there is so much behind Voice123 technology, that knowing ‘how to post a project’, and ‘what to do after’, can make finding a voice over talent-producer, quick and easy.

First, check out my posting, where I specifically needed a broad range of talents. Your needs may indeed be very different, but you will see how important the project description, script, and parameters are to getting a response: New Search Feature Project.

Second, once you begin listening to auditions, you will have the opportunity to ‘rank’ people, which can take place even after you have hired someone, as well. It is helpful to leave a ranking for talents, especially if you have hired them.

Third, I have heard job posters say they want the client to listen to the auditions, unbiased by budget quotes, names, company logos from Voice123, etc. That can be done! Look at this shared inbox link, which has been set up to only show talents names and demos!

Fourth, posting a project is very easy! Give it a try once more, if you have not had the chance to try any of our new technology the last time you had posted a project.

Finally, the Voice123 staff is here to help you! Come by live chat, call, or write us, and we will gladly assist you!

Thanks for your time! We hope this helps you with your next project!

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