Leaving Town? Try Voice123 ‘Away’ Status!

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If you are leaving town today, Voice123 is happy to introduce the new Voice123 ‘Away’ status for your profiles, perfect for those who fear they may be contacted while on business or vacation, and cannot get back to the voice seeker or direct invitation in time. Setting your status is quick and easy. Simply go to your My Home section of your account, and click on the link ‘Going on Vacation?‘. From there, you will be able to type in how long you will be away, and your profile will appear as ‘Away’ status during that time.

We certainly hope that many of you have the opportunity to try this new feature before leaving town for your next business trip or vacation!

Have any questions you would like to ask Voice123 talents and staff, or maybe thoughts on the best way to use this? Try asking a coach or peer in Coach’s Corner by posting in our new Voice123 Premium Forums! (e.g. Check this topic: Speech and voice-over).

Thank you for using Voice123!

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