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Get That Voice123 Talent You Need

July 31, 2008 by


Posting a job on Voice123 is now smoother and easier than ever before! However, knowing how to use Voice123 to request your talent can make all the difference between getting what you want, or getting auditions that do not fit what you need! Voice123 hopes this little information guide will give you some ideas on […]

Hot Topics! Voice123 Premium Forums!

July 28, 2008 by


Since the new Voice123 Premium Forums started just over a week ago, over 400 articles have been posted! The hottest topics, so far in GENERAL CHIT CHAT! How do seekers rank auditions and proposals? Rankings and private invitations Labeling and Slating of Demos There are great, helpful discussions currently in COACHES CORNER, too! A word […]

Conversation with Ed Gambill, Chair of SaVoa

July 21, 2008 by


Last week, GM Juan Salcedo and I had the chance of having a conversation with Ed Gambill, chair of SaVoa. It was the first time Ed and I had spoken directly. We learned, as expected, we both have the goal of improving the voice over industry. What are the results of the meeting? We now […]

New Ranking System on Voice123

July 18, 2008 by


If you have not noticed already, the ‘rating system’ is no longer being used. The rating system stood as a symbol of what can happen when good intention is lost behind the words one chooses to express it. Voice123 understands that many talents were not rated in the past for the fears that feelings would […]

Coaches Corner! Voice123 Forums

July 18, 2008 by


You may have heard that Voice123 has opened a new forum geared towards the improvement of the voice over industry, the talents, seekers, and of course, our Voice123 coaches! The new terms/conditions/goals of the forums are listed here, and we hope you will take a look:Terms/Conditions/Goals Given that these forums are brand new, now would […]

The New Voice123 Premium Forums!

July 16, 2008 by


Voice123 is excited to introduce the new Voice123 Premium Forums! The mission of the new Voice123 Premium Forums is to provide an effective business and networking tool for all of you, the Voice123 Community. You will find discussions on using Voice123, coaches, ways to improve your chances of working, and other tools through positive discussions […]

Quick Update: Character Category News!

July 11, 2008 by


Hello again! The Character Category has returned! It is very important to update the Character category on your profile to be matched to projects for that purpose! Here’s what to do: Go into Voice Details in My Profile. In the accents field, a change has been made. You will now see:“Please list the accents, dialects, […]