What Would You Like to Know?

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It is coming up on my one-year anniversary with Voice123! I began working here last year on July 2nd. Being a voice over talent, in the past year I have seen many things occur in the online industry that some days left me scratching my head, and other days thinking, ‘If people only knew, this would help them with their careers.’

That said, I am aware lately that I have been writing about many of the things I have noticed, and some days I am at a loss for what to write about. I will gladly write about the topics mentioned to me.

So I ask you… What would you like to know about the online industry or Voice123?

Think hard about this one. We are asked questions all the time at Voice123 like, ‘How do I get started?’ or ‘I have a great voice. What do I do next?’. There are plenty of Voice123 Coaches out there to handle that request. Ask me what you would like to hear about, if you think it could assist your career now that you have already started on Voice123, or even help you use Voice123 more effectively.

I really look forward to hearing back from many of you! Just send me your comments by clicking the “Post a Comment” link below.

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Steven Lowell
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