SaVoa’s Accreditation Program for Voice Over Artists

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On September 23rd, non-for-profit SaVoa launched a new accreditation program for voice over artists. SaVoa’s accreditation process is similar to that in other professions. It is based on peer review – voice talents assess voice talents. Three-member panels are selected at random from SaVoa’s membership of accredited voice talents. Using a predetermined accreditation criteria, each member of the peer review panel independently evaluates an applicant’s vocal and technical deliveries. Here is a cool factor: the evaluations are all blind studies; applicants are unidentified to the peer reviewers.

One of the founders of SaVoa is Erik Sheppard, widely known in the industry already for his contributions to the community. Erik says that the response to SaVoa has been amazing: Numerous voice actors have already submitted applications. Some have even been asked to consider reapplying after they attain more training, several more have successfully completed the accreditation process while the rest wait for their evaluations to be scheduled.

Granted, the ultimate goal of SaVoa is to create a quality assurance mechanism that will enhance the voice over profession and attract clients who value quality and professionalism. It is a concept that has been embraced and supported by many in the voice over community. SaVoa’s home page already showcases the support of industry veterans like Frank Frederick, Connie Terwilliger, and Philip Banks.

Voice123 has been contacted many, many times by people with similar ideas, but they never actually got to implement them. Kudos to SaVoa for having materialized this concept. SaVoa and the voice over community can count on Voice123’s support and endorsement of the accreditation program, which benefits both voice talent and voice seekers.

To learn more about SaVoa and the accreditation process you can visit their site at

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