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Thanks to your feedback, we have found that some voice talents and producers were staying away from projects with budgets “To Be Defined”, as they didn’t want to get a bad rating just because of quoting a price that could be considered too high or too low by the voice seeker. We listened and took action.

We recently released a new feature that has the objective of reducing the chances that a voice seeker gives you a bad rating just because of the price you quoted. From now on, the first time a voice seeker rates an audition/proposal with one or two stars we show them a large message asking them if their decision was based on the quoted price. If so, we ask the voice seeker to delete the audition/proposal instead of rating it low. This message will be seen by voice seekers in projects with budget “To be defined”.

We will also work on some additional changes that will urge voice seekers in defining budgets by making them aware that “To-be-defined” budgets discourage some great voice talents and producers from submitting auditions and proposals.

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by Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder

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