No More Asterisks If You Were Invited

Posted on September 10, 2007 by


Good news! From now on when you follow the link to see the details of a project, you will be able to see the script and script notes in full, without the annoying asterisks that were previously visible. Plus, you will now have more information to decide if you want to submit an audition or proposal for a project. Some voice seekers request to hide their contact info, that’s what the asterisks are used for.

Please note that the asterisks will be removed only in projects for which you have been invited to submit an audition or proposal. If you haven’t been invited, the asterisks will still appear. Make sure that you are signed into our system when looking at the details of each project so that the system will know if the person opening the page has been invited.

As usual, this improvement to our system was done thanks to the feedback received from users like you. If you like this feature, or if you have more ideas to share with us, please comment down here.

Thank you!

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by Alex Torrenegra
Leader and Co-founder