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The Voice Over Savvy community is not just another gathering place. The information, knowledge, professionalism, and camaraderie shared among the participants have transformed a simple forum into a community with a life of its own.

You are welcome to join us in a refreshing corner of the web, where all of us related to the VO industry can find information, share our knowledge, find answers to our questions, or just have a little fun.

The following topics have been compiled by Voice Over Savvy moderators: Erik Sheppard and Colin Campbell. Thank you Erik and Colin for your contribution to the community!

What Makes A VO Artist A Pro
“We have posted our equipment chain, we have posted photos of our recording facilities, we have posted sound clips from our microphones and each has been a good community sharing. I want to propose the following question…”
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Using Licensed Music In Spots
“Could someone fill me in on this? If I remember right, can I use up to :08 of a licensed song in a spot, or has that changed?
If an audition requests music, does it have to be license-free? …”
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To Sit Or To Stand?
“When recording VO, do you sit or do you stand up? I don’t mean for practical reasons, but for technical/physical reasons.
For me, it depends. If I’m doing soft reads, I sit. For hard-sell and voice acting, I stand. Some may have other reasons for doing it either one way or the other, and I’d love to hear them …”
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