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How Are the New Voice123 and SmartCast Doing? Second Update

September 29, 2007 by


Hello community! Several weeks ago we released some stats comparing the improved performance of the New Voice123 with the old system. Today, we are releasing even more stats on this comparison, showing how wonderfully the New Voice123 is doing: More direct messages between voice seekers and talents!. In the old system we had a monthly […]

PayPal Button Improvement

September 28, 2007 by


Hi all! Today we have released a small improvement to the PayPal button in your Voice123 profile. Voice Seekers will now find a larger and more attractive PayPal button to click to start a PayPal payment. This is a great time to make certain your PayPal account information is current. To check out the new […]

Three Small Improvements

September 26, 2007 by


Hello everyone, Three small, but practical improvements have been implemented to better service our talents and voice producers: First: Now, the budget for each project is also listed on the Invitation Inbox. Second: When you delete invitations from the screen containing details of the project, you will be redirected to the invitation inbox so you […]

Tips to take care of your voice (By Gary Terzza)

September 24, 2007 by


We use it every day and yet the voice is one of the most neglected parts of our anatomy. Just think about how you use yours: chatting on the telephone, shouting at the kids, clearing your throat – the vocal cords endure a punishing schedule. Of course if you use your voice professionally the demands […]

Rating System Improvement

September 19, 2007 by


Hello, Thanks to your feedback, we have found that some voice talents and producers were staying away from projects with budgets “To Be Defined”, as they didn’t want to get a bad rating just because of quoting a price that could be considered too high or too low by the voice seeker. We listened and […]

New Coach Partner Program

September 15, 2007 by


If you aren’t a voice over coach, this message may not be for you. Nevertheless, if you let your voice over coach know, he/she will be thankful. We just released the Coach Partner Program. A free program for voice over coaches and their students to help them promote their businesses, use Voice123 as a training […]

Voice Seekers Can Now Contact Voice Talents and Producers Directly by Phone

September 10, 2007 by


Now, when a voice seeker decides to contact a voice talent or producer, the voice seeker will be able to call the talent or producer and speak with him/her directly. The phone numbers of voice talents and producers are now available on the contact form so that voice seekers can place direct calls in order […]