How Is Voice123 SmartCast® Doing?

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It is doing great! The statistics speak by themselves:

  1. The average number of auditions or proposals each project receives in the New Voice123 is 32, significantly down from 100+ in the old Voice123. Having projects with too many auditions was the most common complain we received from talents or voice producers, and voice seekers. This reduction is great news for the entire industry!
  2. Voice seekers are now opening more than 80% of all the auditions they get, up from only 34% in the old system. This means less waste of your time and more chances of being heard if you are a premium subscriber.
The end result? Less competition between talents and voice producers on each project and a higher audition-to-booking ratio.

We will publish more stats soon!

Here is what other Voice123 users are saying:

“The old Voice123 was interesting, I would get a nibble for my services once in a while and the clients were all trying to get a deal on how little they could pay for a great voice over artist (such as myself) to create the perfect production. Then along came the new Voice123 and changed everything I was used to seeing in the way of leads for my business. Higher paying gigs, many more leads, and feedback from clients which helped me discern what a client really wanted. It is a change for the future of the online voice over marketplace.”
Frank Frederick – Voice Over Talent and Coach

“The website looks a lot better than before, you guys have done a great job, we received lots of very good auditions, and the whole process was great. Thank you.”
Norman Chung – Voice Seeker

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