Check Out These Great Topics On The Voice Over Savvy Forum

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We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of those who have helped the forums become what they are – a great gathering place where we all can learn, get help, gain support, or just post what’s on our minds.

Thank you!

Here are some statistics from Voice Over Savvy Forum with all of you, these reflect the amazing growth experienced by this wonderful community.

The forums were born on Monday October 09, 2006 at 10:04 am. Up to now, we have 1,370 users, 19,835 posts, 1,482 topics, and an average of 96.73 posts per day.

The amount and quality of the information and participants in the forum are what make it a necessary stop for those interested in any level of the industry.

Check out these great topics:

My Head is in a Vice Uncle Fester
“Breaths are natural. If you are doing a piece of copy that should sound natural, then breaths should be there, but not overly loud…”
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What to Say??
“I currently just have something along the lines of Thank you for taking the time, I have quick turn around, I pride myself on great customer service, look forward to working with you blah blah blah…”
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I Don’t Know What to Say. PLEASE HELP
“Let this be a lesson to all. You have to use the “KISS” method. Noooo, I don’t mean KEEP-IT-SIMPLE-STUPID…I mean you have to KISS their…”
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Hot Tea with Honey vs…….
“Thought I’d ask if anybody else knows of ways to pamper your voice or care for a raspy one other than the old stand-by Hot Tea with honey?…”
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Let’s Share Good Stuff
“Okay, I’ve been thinking about all the cool stuff we can pass on to each other via this forum. Things like great movie recommendations, how to get glue out of carpet, cheap nights out with the spouse, great vacation spots, and so on…”
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