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Monday we published the article “Should I hire a union or a non-union talent?” In this article, we used the name of a major voice over celebrity with the objective of explaining to inexperienced voice seekers that there ARE voice over talents that can charge a lot of money because they are highly experienced, very popular, and people like to listen to them.

Some people thought that the phrase was a misrepresentation, though the phrase was written unwisely, we did not publish it with any negative intention. We have since corrected the article. We are sorry about the misunderstanding it may have caused.

I wanted to publicly apologize, in the name of the entire Voice123 team, for the misunderstanding. We try hard to interact with the community as much as we can; we have blogs, forums, newsletters, etc. Having such an open door policy means that our chances of saying stuff that can be taken out of context skyrockets. This is no excuse, though, and we have taken measures to try to avoid similar situations from happening in the future.

I want you to know where Voice123 stands: We are in favor of helping the talents unionize so that industry rates go higher. We support, honor, and respect widely known talents – They are models for many of us, because of their skills, experience, and competence. We want talents to get better paid (if you are interested in knowing what Voice123 is doing to help talents receive a better compensation for their work, please check this article). We are here for the duration with the purpose of helping the voice community.