Long Live The Voice Community!

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A Very Busy Week

is very happy to let you know that the The Voice Over Savvy Forum has exceeded all expectations. More than 440 articles have been posted since the forums were launched last Wednesday, a much higher number than we ever imagined. Even though the VoiceOverSavvy.com forums experienced a problem on Thursday, when the login system failed due to high traffic stopping users to create new posts, the forums have been massively active! Check out some great posting below.

Win a Premium Subscription!

The VoiceOverSavvy.com forums are not just a place to talk and learn, but also a place to win! Starting in November, Voice123 will be giving away a one-year Premium Subscription every month amongst the 50 most active users of the VoiceOverSavvy.com forums during that month. The winner will be randomly selected the first day of each month and the results will be posted in the forums. Don’t wait to be part of this online community and, with a new reason to participate, take full advantage of the VoiceOverSavvy.com forums.

Check Out These Topics

Very interesting topics and replies have been posted in the VoiceOverSavvy.com forums. These are some great discussion you may want to check out:

Upload and Re-sampling Quality When Submitting Auditions
“I have a tech problem and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. Many times when I upload a file for an audition it plays back distorted with a slight echo or Darth Vader kind of quality”. Check more than 20 answers at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=22

Health insurance needed for VO Talents
“[…] my biggest concern is not being able to get health insurance. [I] can’t get it for myself unless I’m part of a group policy. My wife stays home taking care of our children so I can’t get insurance through her work”. Let us know if you also need health insurance at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=34

Phone Patch Recording via Skype?
“I hear much about phone patch recording – I’ve never done it and do not currently have the gear. Can anyone enlighten me on this aspect of recording and perhaps recommended products? I don’t want to be left behind!” Check the answers at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=50

Was I sooooo wrong to think this aud was purty darn good?
“I wouldn’t have booked you from that audition unless I was looking for a choppy, staccato unemotional, delivery. You can deliver the goods, I could tell from your VO samples on your profile. If I were you, I’d work on putting together a “great demo”, which I did not hear on your page.” Check out more comments at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=36

Does anyone have experience with representation by an agent?
“Does anyone have experience with representation by an agent?” […] “My biggest jobs have come through my own marketing efforts. Just plugging away through email databases and phone calling. In fact, my three biggest national/network jobs came these ways (without agency reps)”. Check out more comments at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=29

Do I give the client a good price or charge extremes?
“Here is a secret for the future about Voice123 SmartCast […] If you charge little, you will be matched with projects that have low budgets. If you charge high, you will be matched with projects that have high budgets”. Learn more at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=21

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