The Benefits Of Sending Answer Remarks

Posted on February 23, 2006 by


We recently made an important change on the way you answer leads. It is now required to send remarks when you answer a job posting. This change pretends to help you increase your chances of winning a job.

Many talents write excellent comments when they send their answer demos. When talent seekers retrieve their answers, they see which talents wrote remarks and which didn’t. Sending a remark is an excellent way of breaking the ice with the talent seeker. This might help the talent seeker decide what demos to hear.

It is good to send a well-written comment when auditioning for a job. Talent seekers do read these comments and you can catch their attention depending on what you write here.

The issue is what to write. To learn more about the benefits of writing remarks and what to write, click here to read an article in Voice123’s Resource Center.